Pros and Cons of Washer/Dryer Combos

We get lots of questions about washer/dryer combo machines, and whether or not they are any good. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider before going ahead with a purchase. 

Rather than say you should or you shouldn’t make the purchase we thought we would just list the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. 


  • Space saving
  • Put a load on in the morning & it’s done when you get home


  • Take a long time to dry
  • Some only dry to 90%
  • May be cheaper to buy separately
  • You can’t start a second wash load until  finished
  • Less efficient than a standalone dryer

These points are based on our observations along with feedback from owners. Some people love their washer dryer combo, others hate them. Overall though we get more negative feedback than positive, so look into the details before you purchase. But remember technology is constantly changing some issues may resolve in future models.

Washerman loves to chat so if you have some specific questions give us a call or send an email 🙂