Is there a cost to buying cheap?

So you need a new dishwasher, washing machine, or other major appliance and you head to the shop. Then you see the price ranging from $400-$4,000….


When the difference on the outside can seem like little more than a brand name and some fancy finishing chrome bits, it’s hard to know what to do. 

But it is possible to buy well AND buy cheap.

It’s impossible to name cheap appliance brands and say one is always good and one is always bad, just as it is with more expensive brands. Every manufacturer puts out a dud appliance model every so often.

So here are danger signs to look for when buying a cheap appliance and what you can do to avoid being a chump:

Danger Sign: The brand is only sold through one retailer.

Reason: This appliance is probably a rebranded version of a generic appliance and unless you know what it’s original generic model is, parts may be hard to source and technical information may be tricky to obtain.

Danger Sign: Parts are hard to find. 

How to Know: Jump online and search the make and model you are looking to purchase followed by the words “spare parts”. If you find it hard to find parts sellers, or they only list a few items, you may be looking at trouble down the road.

Danger Sign: 1 year warranty.

Reason: Most appliance manufacturers offer a minimum of 2 years warranty. If they don’t have confidence in the quality of their product then maybe you shouldn’t either.

Danger Sign: No service.

How to Know: Do an Internet search for your prospective appliance brand followed by the words “repair” and your city name. If you don’t get any hits, call a few repairers and ask if they repair your prospective brand. You’ll soon get a feel for how easy it will be to find an appliance repairer and what they think of your prospective brand. 

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