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Ways to Avoid a Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines are great friends to have, but things can go awry. And some of the most common washing machine faults are from user error and can easily be avoided. Stay clear of these appliance hazards and you significantly reduce your chances of needing a repair. Check your clothes pockets for bobby pins, coins, screws, […]

Washing Machines Are Wonderful

It’s easy to think of washing machines as being a little boring, that is, until you have to live without one. If that day comes, you’re not going to want an appliance repairer who is just going to lean against a fence, chew on a toothpick, and talk about the good old days when washing […]

Your Appliance Repairer Needs Your Brain Magic

The information you provide to your appliance repairer can save both you and the technician time and money. In a situation where an appliance fault is reported incorrectly, or an error code is misread, the appliance repair technician may not bring the correct parts or tools to repair the broken appliance. Such confusion is frustrating […]

Mouse vs Dishwasher

 This LG dishwasher was tripping the circuit breaker as soon as it was turned on at the power point. A mouse had chewed through wires on the circuit board inside the door, behind the control panel. …he paid the ultimate price. If you find mouse droppings in your cupboards, and you don’t see a mouse, it […]

Washing Machine is Unbalanced or Banging Around

If your washing machine is banging around or unbalanced, it can be for a number of reasons: Things you can check before calling for service: Is the load size too small? Washing machines need to evenly distribute washing to spin smoothly. It can be difficult for the washing machine to balance a small load. Try […]

Replace or Repair My Appliance?

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you should repair your appliance, or just buy a new one. For $88 we can assess the appliance and give you a rundown, but keep in mind, you may not even need a service call. If you’re able to describe the fault to us, and answer a few […]

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service: Washing machines: when installed on wash stands will be placed at ground level prior to service (OH&S requirement). Dryers: where wall mounted will be placed at ground level prior to service (OH&S requirement). Dishwashers: cupboards and drawers obscuring access to plumbing or electrical connections to dishwashers should be cleared or made serviceable prior to service. All appliances booked for service: […]