Ways to Avoid a Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines are great friends to have, but things can go awry. And some of the most common washing machine faults are from user error and can easily be avoided.

Stay clear of these appliance hazards and you significantly reduce your chances of needing a repair.

  1. Check your clothes pockets for bobby pins, coins, screws, onions etc – these things play havoc with your poor little washer’s drain pump.
  2. Put your bras in delicates bags – when those underwires come out they can cause all sorts of problems.
  3. Bought some new bath mats or fluffy towels? Good for you! But try hand washing them in the sink or bathtub first to get rid of the bulk of loose fibres that may cause a super catastrophe.
  4. Don’t have the washing machine taps turned on full. This will help protect the tap washer and the tap is less likely to seize in position. (The washing machines regulates the water inlet pressure so taps on full don’t fill any faster.)
  5. If the washing machine won’t pump or drain the water out, don’t keep trying it over and over again. When pump motors on some washing machines fail, they can overload the circuit board (computer, Main PCB) and add more to the repair cost.

Happy washing. Love and respect your washing machine.